Neustart auf Deutsch

Nach fünf Jahren ein neuer Blogpost? Und auch noch auf Deutsch? Ihr fragt Euch sicher warum? Wie Follower*innen meines Twitter-Accounts wissen, habe ich in den letzten Jahren hauptsächlich dort meine Reisen dokumentiert.

Secure Hosting with GitLab Pages and Let's Encrypt

Update: GitLab has fully integrated Let’s Encrypt with GitLab Pages, so it’s now easier than ever to serve your website from GitLab Pages via HTTPS. The procedure described below is therefore outdated.

Going Static

After almost 10 years, I have decided to ditch Wordpress for Jekyll, a static blog engine. As opposed to Wordpress, Jekyll is not dependent on MySQL and PHP, but simply generates static HTML files from sources in Markdown, so you can create your blog posts comfortably using your favourite text editor, let Jekyll generate the HTML and put it on an arbitrary web server.

Back to Blogging

Okay, obviously this blog hasn’t been very active for some time. Time to change that and get back to blogging, I guess. As you can see I’ve updated the design and typography of this blog, which should also lead to a good experience on mobile devices.